About Us

If you want to become an expert skier or maybe you need to gather some knowledge on the mountains and slopes, SnowboardingSkier.com was created with the aim of doing just that. The website has been founded by Emily and Rudolph, two snowboarders with a passion for skiing. They aim to give all the advice and solutions you need to become a skiing master of the mountains.


Who are we?

We are Emily and Rudolph. Between the two of us, we have visited up to 600 various ski resorts in 35 countries. We have written detailed features about skiing in every national newspaper in the United Kingdom and Canadian magazines and we have further been invited to give advice and tips about skiing on the radio and national TV.
We regularly hold meetings and trips to discuss upcoming snowboarding and skiing expeditions and to explore bigger and better skiing resorts. You are free to come along and to join us on these fantastic trips.

It all started when friends and friends of friends asked us for tips on where they can head to next on their snowboarding tip. After a while, we have noticed that many more people started asking us for advice which resulted in us creating a dedicated Facebook page. It all took off from then and we are proud to say, that now we are full-time snowboarding experts who partake in advising other people on snowboarding.

We have created SnowboardingSkier.com to spread the word about the best ski holidays. We also stay connected to some of the top skiers and snowboarders to bring you the very best weather conditions and ski trips. Contact us if you need our advice about your next snowboarding trip.


More about the founders of SnowboardingSkier.com

Emily was born in 1982 and has developed a passion for snowboarding from a young age. After leaving college, she went on to hold many jobs including a supermarket assistant, a copywriter for an online casino and an accountant before resigning to dedicate herself to her true passion. Emily writes: “I knew I had to quit when I saw the look of dread on my colleagues’ faces every morning. I just couldn’t bear it anymore. The 9 to 5 work routine just wasn’t for me.”

After meeting Rudolph in a pub in Blackburn one Friday evening in 1995, they discovered that they both shared the same passion for snowboarding and skiing. After that, it all came together and they proceeded to open their Facebook group which attracted over 5,000 followers, looking for like-minded individuals with a passion for the slopes.

Rudolph first put on a pair of skis in Italy at the age of six and became so hooked that he made a living out of it as a snowboarding instructor. He regularly contributes to national newspapers and other lifestyle magazines in both the United Kingdom and Canada.

Over the years, Rudolph has been teaching snowboarding and skiing in resorts, visiting over 50 each season – “I want to use my passion for skiing to pass it on to others and influence them. Someone has to do it. It might as well be me”. When he’s not on the slopes, he enjoys abseiling in Cape Town and paragliding in New Zealand.